The ‘Waffle Queen’ bites back

Monday December 04, 2017 Published in Letters to the Editor

George Pitt has poked the wrong snake with a stick.


He has been playing this game for a while and if I remember correctly, the last snake he poked was the government and judges about a year ago and he was severely bitten and forced to publicly apologise for all the silly things he said.

He is like a half-paralysed cat from the hip downward and acts like a cry baby: “I can’t walk up the stairs…they can’t force me to walk up to the court room because I am sick and can’t walk …etc”.

Straight after the Demo conference earlier this year, he asked some of the demo executives and leader Tina Browne to appoint him as the Demo media person with a salary or fee/allowance, but no one would let him near the Opposition office and party. He reacted by publishing a deluge of articles in his CIHerald for weeks, heavily criticising Tina. On that occasion Tina did not bite.

It is rumoured that two government ministers have engaged George Pitt’s services as their PR/media person to write good things about them and their Offices in his newspaper. No doubt George Pitt would have employed the same tactic he employed with Willkie: “If you do not engage me I will rubbish you in my paper.”

Both ministers appear to have succumbed to the threats instead of taking a stand against such tactics. In the next few weeks the CIHerald will reveal who these ministers are. It will be obvious, because George Pitt will have nothing but praise for them.

It is also rumoured that he is trying to get two or three Demo candidates to engage him as their public relations consultant. I would hope that it is nothing more than a rumour. It makes no sense that these candidates would engage someone who is threatening and writing terrible things about their party and their leader.

I had a couple of lawyer friends to look at section 260 of the Crimes Act and its relevance to Pitt’s actions. Both agree that there is a case to answer.

In his Herald newspaper he called Tina Browne a “Waffle Queen” and so on, because Browne would not consider coming near his dreamed-up proposal of toppling government and forming a new government, which Pitt would be partly in charge of. I am told that at the Caucus meeting last Tuesday, Tina advised members of the scenario presented by George Pitt and then told Caucus that there was nothing to discuss, meaning that the matter was not worth discussing. 

The question now is, “Was George Pitt telling the truth when he claimed that he was acting for Albert  or was that a lie? We will no doubt find out over the next few days.

It will not surprise me if Pitt denies all of what Rasmussen accuses him of doing.

It will then be left to the court and us, the public, as to whether we believe Rasmussen or Pitt. In my case, it will definitely not be Pitt that I believe.

Yes, with the laying of the police complaint against Pitt, the Waffle Queen has bitten back, but what remains to be seen is whether the venom of the bite will cripple or further aggravate the attacker.

            Watch this space.!



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