Please stop picking on young riders

Tuesday November 14, 2017 Published in Letters to the Editor

The police blitz on our well-behaved students riding their motorcycles to school in the morning is absolutely criminal. 


I have a lot of respect for the police, but their actions amount to singling out a demographic that is not at risk. There has never been a death among students riding their motorcycles to school. Most of them don’t break any laws, they don’t speed or drive dangerously. All they are doing is going to school, for goodness sake. That should be rewarded, what with all the teenage dropouts there are on the island.

Keen students should not be preyed on by hordes of police on the outskirts of town who pull them up and fine them for not wearing helmets. 

Just about every day there are reports in the newspaper of abuse, domestic violence, fights and males assaulting females, and most of these incidents involve alcohol. Alcohol is the problem, alcohol is killing our society and making us fat, lazy and aggressive. 

Wearing a helmet will not save any motorcycle suffering from the effects of alcohol. Why doesn’t our goodie two shoes government do something about our alcohol problem?  Instead of Cabinet ministers crawling around the grass for men’s health, why don’t they try “dry” month for a change and make a difference to our health and alcohol abuse statistics. 

As the Minister for Health, Nandi Glassie should be a shining example. We have good kids travelling to school, dressed nicely, hair short and tidy, getting picked on and bullied by our police for a stupid law that does not save the people who are really at risk. I am talking about the 16 - 25yr olds who drink and drive and speed to their deaths on our roads at night or in the early hours of the morning during the weekends. 

Our students do not deserve this continued persecution. It’s totally wrong on many levels. 

It is time our government left them alone and did something worthwhile and control alcohol more strictly, put the drinking age up, have police outside every bar, every night and fine confiscate and disqualify all drink drivers regardless of their level of alcohol. 

Zero tolerance or catch a bus, I say but hey, the government can’t make laws they can’t keep themselves. Think of the headlines about PM Henry Puna and Nandi Glassie, both of whom caused injuries to others, but the police let them walk free. 

Stop picking on students who ride without helmets. They are fine.

It’s time to start the war on drinking.

            Leave Them Alone

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