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Maggie hits back at CINews columnist

Thursday November 09, 2017 Published in Letters to the Editor

Obviously Wilkie Rasmussen has nothing better to do than to jump on the bandwagon of other people’s comments and try to make out he is an authority on particular issues.


He has no idea what I was talking about on the issue of tourism which prompted a response from Sel Napa.

My comments have obviously been taken out of context. In fact, I agree with Sel Napa that we should benchmark our tourism, not stop it, because it is outgrowing our resources and infrastructure to the point where it is now starting to hit back on our own people.

Our tourism is increasing and yet, we are still trying to deal with our own land issues, accommodation, poor roads, bad sanitation and water supply. How come it took Sel Napa to speak out when you Wilkie, claim to be the chief executive of the Democratic Party. As far as I can see, there has been no clear direction that the Opposition is performing any better since you took over that office.

You say my words are “nothing”. Well the question has to be asked, what have you done for the people of Penrhyn? You were in government and yet nothing happened under your watch. In my opinion, you should stop grandstanding and do some real work. Get out there and get your hands dirty, because all you are doing at present is criticising, criticising and criticising, and every time it is at someone else’s expense. Do your own talking. At least I’m in parliament. I know who I represent and what I’ve done for my constituency of Tupapa. And yes, I’m still with One Cook Islands. It is best to be careful what you say because tomorrow, your bitter words could come back to haunt you.

You compare me to Donald Trump. Well, guess what, he’s the president of USA and the most powerful man in the world. George Maggie “Action Man” has had 13 years in prison, is a two-time politician and scored the highest number of votes in a general election. What a great comparison. If you want to become a Member of Parliament again, I reckon you are best to forget the idea.

And don’t bother to reply, because your words mean nothing to me!

            George Maggie

            Action Man