Car park problems

Wednesday November 08, 2017 Published in Letters to the Editor

I am writing in regard to the system at the airport parking payment system. 


While I have used this repeatedly and find it way better and a cheaper system than before (yes, a couple of times there have been glitches, but overall it’s fine), I was annoyed when I went this last time and was only there for enough time at least for $1.00, if nothing. 

I went to the pay machine and it told me it was paid… (same with another local who was wanting help with the machine). From previous experiences, I had not actually been there long enough to pay. So I went to the exit and inserted my card and it said I had to pay.

I thought perhaps I had come between the few minutes from free to $1.00, but was told by the very adamant lady at the airport exit, that the cost was $2.00. Despite my politeness and my explanation that the machine had just told me it had been paid, she very sternly told me, “No, it’s $2.00.”

For one, she was wrong, and doubly, it is just rude of our airport staff, to say the machine is wrong.  I am a local, and I get that - not that is right, but to do that to visitors or anyone else..really!

Airport Authority, please teach your staff some customer service or let them know there are glitches!  It is not a good look, plus very annoying when you actually use the airport car park unlike the many who park over the road for free.


            (Name and address supplied)

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