CINSF executive clarifies NZ pension ‘abatement’

Friday September 29, 2017 Published in Letters to the Editor

Following the article in CINews this week relating to the abatement of the New Zealand government pension I have received a couple of queries from people trying to understand the different pensions and which are affected.


I trust the following will help in clarifying:

•           Cook Islanders who receive the Cook Islands government pension have nothing deducted.

• Cook Islanders receiving the New Zealand Government Superannuation Fund pension (mainly Cook Island Government workers who contributed historically to that scheme) have nothing deducted.

• Cook Islanders receiving a private, work or company-established private pension from New Zealand have nothing deducted.

In each of the above cases you will receive your full entitlements, and you will receive your full CINSF pension as well. No deductions.

The abatement only applies to those who meet the New Zealand residential criteria to receive the New Zealand government pension, and elect to receive that pension. That pension amount will be deducted by the amount you receive from the CINSF under the current New Zealand Ministry of Social Development policy.

The CINSF has 171 pensioners who receive payments from the CINSF.

We do not have information relating to how many of those pensioners may be eligible for and receiving the New Zealand government pension.

The 4000-plus figure relating to the amount of members being docked by New Zealand Super we disagree with. At present we do not hold information on members’ eligibility for a New Zealand government pension, nor their future eligibility.

We therefore question the assumption of how many are eligible, if we ourselves cannot confirm it.

            Damien Beddoes

            Chief executive



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