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Monday September 25, 2017 Published in Letters to the Editor
Muri lagoon’s health has improved, a regular visit to Rarotonga says. 17092406 Muri lagoon’s health has improved, a regular visit to Rarotonga says. 17092406

My wife and I have been visiting your beautiful home three weeks a year, for over 10 years now.


In that time, like everyone we’ve watched as Muri lagoon steadily degraded into a weedy, lifeless pond.

But not this year. Thanks to the greatly increased water flow after deconstruction of the Aroko fish trap, we’ve been delighted to see a huge improvement in water quality.

The main lagoon off Sails is back to how it was when we first visited in 2004. The difference in fish numbers and variety in the Aroko/Avana area, however, has been even more marked, with large schools of mullet, juvenile butterflyfish, more rays, parrotfish and trevally, and greater numbers of birds than we’ve seen before.

By removing the fish trap you’ve removed a bottleneck and allowed the lagoon to flush twice daily.

I’d like to encourage the locals to consider deconstructing the Avana trap too - the sand bar it creates stretches halfway across the channel. Remove that venturi effect and you’ll have even greater flow, ironically with less current that will help fish numbers and make for safer conditions. A wide, slow river instead of a narrow, swift creek.

 Environmental “good stories” are rare, so well done Rarotonga.

Lots of work ahead, but it’s shown us how local knowledge and hard graft can fix problems.

            Alan Clarkson-Dodds.



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  • Comment Link Erika Saturday, 30 September 2017 04:39 posted by Erika

    I'm happy to read that Muir beach is cleaned out. We have been coming for several years now and have seen the changes. We will be back in late October of this year.
    See you all then

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