MOP land clarified

Monday September 25, 2017 Published in Letters to the Editor

Just that we are clear, there is no problem with land availability in the Cook Islands for development by Merchant of Paradise (MOP).


Landowners are part of the development scoped by MOP. A major landowner on Tongareva (Penryhn), who is also a director of MOP, can confirm together with his fellow landowners, that they have had no less than five approaches from outside developers, and these landowners have told all of them they are waiting for MOP.

Developer Tepaki and another MOP director went to Atiu to meet with the landowners there, and I can tell you from the minutes of that meeting, the landowners were unanimous in their support.

I can also tell CINews readers that the landowner involved with the Mangaia project went to the island and selected the land for the proposed MOP development there. I can also say that landowners on all the outer islands have confirmed the availability of their land for development under MOP’s Paradise Prosperity Plan (PPP).

In the meantime, to our landowner friends, let’s be a little more patient. We are not far away from our start date. I noted the story about the Cook Islands government being invited to become a member of the Asis Infrastructure investment bank. It is for this very reason that Merchant of Paradise has publicly stated previously - and I will say it here again, that the start date for the Merchant of Paradise PPP project has been set for October this year.

It will be the above-mentioned bank that will handle One China Policy funding for the Merchant of Paradise PPP projects for the Cook Island.s

            Freddy Webb,

            Chairman, MOP


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