Business dispute goes way too far

Monday September 25, 2017 Published in Letters to the Editor

I feel compelled to write this letter regarding Chris Vaile’s attack on my wife and her family through the two page advertisements (if that’s what this paper wants to call them), that revolve around a business dispute. I’ve stayed well away from this matter but Vaile has drawn me in as a father and a husband.


Vaile recently sent my wife an email, firstly questioning her Christian beliefs and then her actual motives behind supporting her father and his business. Like any loving daughter, her only motive was to stand up for her father.

The email rant then started getting funnier when he wrote, “This could well be very expensive and you do have such a nice home which could well need to be mortgaged to contribute for future court and legal fees”.

It got really personal when he met Tina the next day and called her a “whore and false prophet”. Wow, what great character this man has!

Here’s the thing, this type of intimidation may have worked for him in the past, but somebody has to tell this guy that the days of the Poohbah are over.

The new generation of Cook Islanders don’t feel threatened by these colonial scare tactics. We’ve seen the past generations of Cook Islanders being taken advantage of, made to feel inferior and ripped off by people like him.

My advice to Chris Vaile: Stop emailing my wife unless it’s to do with business and wash your mouth out with soap.

            Kevin Iro

Editor’s note: This is the final word on this subject. No more letters on the issue will be accepted for publication.


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