It’s time to give peace a chance

Friday September 22, 2017 Published in Letters to the Editor

I was saddened to read through your paper and find no mention or acknowledgement that today (September 21) is designated as United Nations World Peace Day.


A noble gesture to at least get us thinking and talking in the right direction, away from the rhetoric of war that Donald Trump and the rest of the world seems to be heading towards.

Did your paper not know? Did no-one in authority know or care about this day? What is the point of wanting to be in the UN when you have no inclination to be part of it?

Instead, we are fed the usual mash of economic begging, hypocrisy and self-importance. We all need to take a long look at ourselves in the mirror to see that we live in a sick society that is striving for something that does not exist.  We celebrate “Fat Day”, “Rubbish Day” and other non-relevant “days” with gusto to show the world that we care, but when it comes to something important that can help our youth find some direction out of hopelessness, we ignore it completely.  The stats have been showing us for a long time now that we need to do something to give our young hope for their future, but we continue with our hypocritical sense of self-importance and arrogance.

Paradise? Yes, it probably was once, before we poisoned the lagoon, destroyed the wetlands which cleaned the runoff, mined all the sand that acts as filters, cut down trees that held landscapes together, destroyed whole ecosystems that have been there for thousands of years, and give lip service to containing invasive species that have come in through our inadequate border control.

The pervasive smell of diesel, burning plastics and tyres, instead of lotus lilies, reminds me now that I am home. We continue with this farce in the name of progress and development. We promote alcohol, one of the most dangerous and disruptive drugs in society, yet punish our young for petty and minor offences. At the same time, it seems to me that some law enforcers give preferential treatment to family members and relatives of politicians. It is not a one-off event, it is rife and has been going on for a long time. Saying you’re going to do something about something is not the same as doing something about it, as we can see from the cases that have not moved any closer to the courts for years now. Is this not the same as knowingly abetting and protecting criminals? I thought there was a law against that or is it just for us less equal people?

Hypocrisy and corruption is at the forefront of our society in the pretence and belief that other countries and our youth are fooled by this ignorance.

Yes, keep on advertising help lines that don’t get answered, wear flowers and smile for the tourists. That way they won’t be any wiser to the cesspit that lies underneath and the hidden pains that can lead to despair and tragedy for a family. Say “kia orana” and everything will be fine – NOT!

            Seymour Piece

            (Name and address supplied)

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