Taxing situation

Wednesday September 20, 2017 Published in Letters to the Editor

If the tax department wants to collect more tax they could try being a little friendlier by removing the pot plants from outside their new office. They have blocked off one of the in-demand temporary parking spots for people checking their mail.



People who are blatantly wasting water should be aware that they can be fined. It seems some think that they are more entitled than others – not a good attitude when water supplies are dwindling.


The roads around Titikaveka need urgent repairs. Not just a quick gravel shoved in the pot holes, but a real tar seal road like in town. Sick of driving on that side of the island, because it is dangerous and not good for my car.


Driver of the week: The woman driving around the seawall at around 6.30 on Monday night, who first tailgated my car, then overtook at high speed just before a blind corner. She narrowly missed a head-on collision with a car coming the other way. How she got away with it, I don’t know. It’s hard to know why the hurry – when she got to Arorangi she slowed right down to 40, then sped away into the distance at way more than the speed limit. I yes, I do have her car’s registration number.


Isn’t it great to see so many whales passing by the island this month? One resident said he saw five of them off Avarua on Monday night – though he admits it’s pretty hard to count, accurately, because often they dive deep and come up a long way ahead of where they were.


Talking of whales, some people might be getting a tad too close to some of the humpbacks visiting the waters of Rarotonga. Time perhaps for a reminder about the laws pertaining to whale-watching. If we have any, that is. Word has it that one paddle-boarder got dangerously close to a humpback recently. One flick of that giant tail, and it could be all over.


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