Talkback host asked the hard questions

Tuesday September 05, 2017 Published in Letters to the Editor

I wish to comment on the passing of one of our bravest media people, Tony Hakaoro, a political commentator and radio talkback show host, who passed away last Friday

after a short illness. He was in his mid-50s.

He was a brave man because he liked to speak the truth and ask the hard questions and he got a lot of flak for it. Yet he always remained a gentleman, never arrogant nor argumentative on air. He made a number of senior politicians squirm in the hot seat.

Thank you Tony! Your shows were not only informative but entertaining.

Tony was one of the few good speakers of Maori on air who knew his material and often worked for no pay to bring to us, his listening public, real community concerns and the stories that people deny exist, such as modern day slavery in this country.

If you missed his radio shows, he took the time to translate and write it up in one of the local papers. His Maori was perfect. 

Rest in peace, Tony.

Too bad, so will all the politicians now that you are gone.

            Akangaroi ra e te soa.

            Rua Kopeka (An avid reader of your columns and listener to your shows).

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