Rubbish spoils visit to ‘pearl of the Pacific’

Monday September 04, 2017 Published in Letters to the Editor

It has been a great joy and pleasure travelling through many of the Pacific archipelagos and even living there.


On August 3 I arrived at another pearl of the Pacific (Rarotonga).

I settled into my hotel and walked to a nearby store and eatery. In the evening I walked to the magnificent festival show (outstanding).

The next day I continued to walk to other places. During these excursions, I was overwhelmed at not only the quantity, but the huge variety of rubbish on roadsides and even extending into the living spaces around and before homes on either side of. Sorry to say this, rubbish exceeded anything I have seen in my previous travels.

This great amount of rubbish attracts both mosquitoes and rats which breed profusely. To secure the health of the people, the agriculture and the sea life, I believe it is the first priority to remove this rubbish and so secure Rarotonga. 

Having arrived in the island in winter time, of course it was cooler and the trade winds greeted me every day.

As mentioned, I enjoy walking around, wherever I visit. Later I walked along the coral beaches. The coldest greeting was the extensive amount of garbage, plastics from bags to furniture discarded, unwanted out in the open, and buried under the vines and beach shrub growth.

The lagoon looked clean and the reason is simple: “Mother Nature” returns all of humanity’s waste piling it high on the beach, but because of its disgusting appearance and danger to her health she tries to hide it.

Unfortunately, her methods to save her environment are soon made ineffective while humans (tourists and locals) daily increase this unbelievable, disgusting attack.

            Alton Linwood

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