Millions won’t make difference

Monday August 28, 2017 Published in Letters to the Editor

Your Saturday headline, “Water supply warning issued” brings up a few points.


I believe around $30 million about to be spent on upgrading water intakes will provide about three days’ reserve for times of drought.

That’s right, we are paying $10 million dollars for each day of reserve to be established. We’ve already spent $30 million dollars to replace the ring mains that mostly had decades of service left in them, and now another $30 million and we end up with no water security after all.

Then there is your closing sentence on Saturday, “Groundwater is now being investigated as a supplementary resource of the island, Rani says.”

What Rani did not say is that, over the last 30 or so years a lot of money was spent on hiring experts and water well drillers to punch holes all over Rarotonga “investigating” potential groundwater resources.

Now either those investigations revealed no practical resource and we need not spend another dollar, or those investigations revealed a practical resource that one government after another has failed to develop. If its the latter, lets send a delegation to China and borrow millions more. Only problem is, now that we’ve given all the fish in our marine reserve to the Chinese and Spanish, what do we have left to trade? Maybe the lagoon at Pehnryn for a Chinese naval base?


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