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Thursday August 24, 2017 Published in Letters to the Editor

Perhaps the Cook Islands should be looking at the example of what is happening in New Zealand politics.


We need to find a new charismatic leader, then the winds of change can take place in the Cook Islands.

It is time for the young people to step up, we need some new fresh new faces with new ideas who can lead us.  The old guard has had its time at the top. I say, open the doors and windows and let some sweet new fresh air into the house. 

With no baggage they don’t have to pay back all those old favours to the faithful who have benefited from their masters being in power.

Let’s do it! New brains to tackle issues, new eyes to look to tomorrow and new ears to listen.

We’d better hurry up though or we will miss the wave of hope and all the young ones will be gone.

            Kevin Barr


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