Columnist seems to be suffering sunstroke

Monday August 21, 2017 Published in Letters to the Editor

In response to Wilkie Rasmussen’s article on Monday in the CI News, I can only assume that he suffered from sunstroke while writing his Tropical Chronicles article.


He struggles to specify any actual abuse of power other than political rhetoric with no substance. He also conveniently forgets that he was one of the greatest abusers of government power when he was in the Democratic party government. His party to these abuses include the Toagate debacle which cost this country $13 million and for which we will make final payout in December this year.

He was part of the “government of six” that held parliament in contempt, and corrupted the democratic process by holding onto power for nearly a year without any formal support and by avoiding parliament.

As member for Penryhn he forced his constitution celebration team to refuse passage home on the government chartered ferry and forced government to charter Air Raro flights at a cost of over $100,000 to the taxpayer.

Soon he will be part of a fully-funded court session to be held in the northern group, where no doubt he will possibly engage in political meetings at no cost to him.

If anyone knows about the abuse of power it is Mr Rasmussen who is the highly paid, newly-appointed chief of the Opposition office.

The government is doing its job, which includes sealing our roads. Wilkie asks where the money is coming from to seal the roads. He just needs to open the books for the last six budgets to see how this government has successfully managed government accounts and our economy, with year-on-year increases in our revenue.

This has enabled the government to not only seal our roads, but to also increase old age and child benefit, increase wages and salaries and do what a government is supposed to do – and that is to help our people.

As far as I know this is not abuse of power; it is doing your job.

            Mark Brown

            Finance Minister

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