It’s nothing to worry about

Thursday August 17, 2017 Published in Letters to the Editor

In a Smoke Signal in CINews last Saturday a question was raised by some kind of  “worrier” who prefers to hide behind the smoke screen to air his/her concerns.


The question was, “Why is Koka Lagoon Cruise taking their business to Aitutaki?” 

A simple phone call to the Aitutaki Island Council or Koka Lagoon Cruise would have easily informed the smoke signaller as to the facts. My brother and I started Aitutaki Glass Bottom Boat Cruise back in 2004 with the approval of the island council. 

My brother, his daughter, and son are now the new business partners, all Aitutakians. As it happens, my brother’s son is married to the daughter of one of the owners of Koka Lagoon Cruise, which I suppose has confused the “worrier”. 

We, the family, would like to offer our appreciation to all who helped with the launch of the revamped Aitutaki Glass Bottom boat, now called “Ru’s Lagoon Cruise - Aitutaki - Glass Bottom Boat”. 

Special thanks to Koka Lagoon Cruise family and team for your awesome support.

            Lawton Story

            Aitutaki Tumu

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