Bike licence laws need rethink

Friday August 11, 2017 Published in Letters to the Editor

In regard to recent articles in CINews about motorbike licences, a story on Thursday of last week indicated police could process 36 applicants a day, clearly not enough to cope with demand.


This was brilliantly illustrated by the Kata cartoon showing two visitors unable to complete the new legal requirements in order to obtain a licence before they departed from Rarotonga.

It appears there are not enough resources to implement the new licencing laws to satisfy visitor demand.

If this is in fact the case, then the new licencing laws require a rethink. Tourism, according to the Tourism Corporations CEO is “our largest economic driver”.

Riding a motorbike in Rarotonga has to be one of the top activities undertaken by tourists. The young ones love the experience of seeing your beautiful island in the open air, something you don’t experience when in a car.

We older, retired people love to prove we can still be young and ride a motorbike. Being a high placed tourist activity it needs to be easily accessed and importantly without compromising road safety.I would sincerely hope the Police Commissioner considers a rethink of the current licencing laws in order to make the process more easily accessed, promoting safety and protecting the simple pleasure the tourists get by riding a motorbike in the beautiful Cook Islands.

            Rod Grout

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