Bible critic ignores matter of context

Friday August 11, 2017 Published in Letters to the Editor

Regarding the Bible verses a letter-writer used earlier this week in what in my opinion is an attempt to appear clever and to taint God’s Word, a little thing called context is needed.


You can make things say or suggest whatever you want when you choose to go about it in deceitful ways - such as only showing one verse in a passage.

Regarding the passage from Exodus, the writer seems ignorant about how one became a slave in Israel at the time.

It happened as a result of criminal activities or to satisfy unpaid debts etc. However, it was nothing at all like the abominable slavery of Africans in more modern times. If you read the rest of this passage, the slave is not treated badly (severe punishments await a master who does this) and they are to be freed without question after six years (unless they choose otherwise). Do not let your understanding be based on what you have learned about from the African/US situation.

Regarding 2nd Kings, the word used for “lads” actually refers to young men and not children. So we must be careful again not to taint things in a way to serve our point. Another thing to note, is the phrase: “42 of their number”. There were clearly more than 42. This was most likely a large group of young men taunting this man. And they were not taunting him for being bald. The term “baldhead” was an extreme insult and was outrageously disrespectful at the time - especially for a prophet of the Lord. So this is not simply a passage about God killing 42 poor, sweet, innocent children for calling a man bald. Rather, it was judgment against a large gathered crowd of young men who were insulting a prophet and thus God.

The Deuteronomy passage is actually instructing the Israelites that if you rape anyone, you will need to treat her as your wife (ie look after her financially etc), for the rest of your life. 

The Christian faith, as outlined in God’s Word, is the only sure and true way in life. However, whether you believe this or not, the truth is real. People can do their best to rubbish these in an effort to try and make their accountability to the Almighty less, but it changes nothing.

The most imperative understanding is this: that we have sinned and rejected a Holy God and are at this time separated from Him and destined to hell.

Yet, because of His immense love, the Lord Jesus came and lived on earth to live a perfect and holy life. The punishment of sin is death and Jesus, on behalf of those who believed, willingly bore the punishment we deserved and bore God’s wrath upon Himself and died in our place. He then raised Himself to life since death and Satan have no power over Him.

If we humble ourselves to acknowledge that we cannot save ourselves and we believe and trust Jesus for the work He did on our behalf, then we can be truly saved and be made spiritually alive to be adopted into God’s family.

What a cause for praise and celebration! Amen!

            Nick Carter

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