DPM triumphs

Wednesday August 09, 2017 Published in Letters to the Editor

Culture minister Teariki Heather has done it it again.


He takes his position seriously and demonstrates the leadership required to be the Minister of Culture.

Arriving on the paata at Friday’s Constitution Day celebrations and speaking Maori while also having a translator for the benefit of our non-Maori speaking people is a cultural approach that sets the benchmark of what and how things should be done on Constitution day. It’s what they call dual excellence in Maori and papa’a values.

It was such a shame that the Head of Ministry for the Ministry of Culture, the head of the Bank of the Cook Islands and pastor Bobby Matapo were unable to make their speeches in Maori too.  After all it is a celebration of being Maori in all aspects of life.  Perhaps next year they will follow Heather’s example.

Go deputy prime minister! You make us feel proud to be Maori. 

A nice reminder of the benefits of being indigenous Maori.

            Maori Kuki Airani

            (Name and address supplied)

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