Cleanup campaign ‘an act of sharing the love of God’

Friday July 28, 2017 Published in Letters to the Editor

This Press Release was issued yesterday by a team of young evangelists from the Church of God whose arrival  in Rarotonga has caused a minor outcry in some quarters:

The World Mission Society Church of God contributes to human society through its various activities such as emergency relief efforts, environmental protection efforts, worldwide financial aid to the disadvantaged, and promoting children’s welfare and senior citizen’s welfare.

Due to great efforts the World Mission Society Church of God has received an award from the Queen of England. The Church of God was the only religious organization that received the award in the year 2016, each member has also been presented with the honorary Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE).

World Mission Society Church of God have been presented with the Korean Presidential Group Citation in May 2015 and the President’s Award from Barack Obama 3 times.

Our devotional volunteering spirit comes from the infinite love of God the Father and God the Mother who sacrifice for salvation of mankind.

The Church of God believes that this voluntary service is an act of sharing the love of God with all people and shine God’s glory as light and salt of the world.

Members of the Church of God put their efforts on various voluntary services all year worldwide. However, this time of year they carry out extensive Cleanup Campaigns in 175 countries in order to prepare upcoming feast, such as Passover of the New Covenant established through Jesus’ blood with the promise of eternal life.

Collecting rubbish might seem small but it is one of the important voluntary work of Church of God. When the environment is polluted and unhygienic, it could affect people’s health and our beautiful nature. Each individual good deed has a great impact on a much larger and even global scale.

The World Mission Society Church of God was established by Christ Ahnsahnghong in 1964 at the end of the eastern country, Korea. Since then, the light of the truth of the new covenant has been restored. Church of God keeps the New Covenant ( Sabbath Day, the Passover and the seven feasts of God ). The Church of God believes God the Father and God the Mother according to testimony of bible.

Over the past 50 years, the Church of God has grown exponentially and now there are 5056 branch churches and  3 million members in 175 countries.

Our intentions are only for the good physically as well as spiritually, I believe a cult would not be presented awards from High Ranks of the world, awards would only be presented to a person or groups who are genuinely sincere. We are on the Island to deliver the Love of Heavenly Mother and to reveal God’s glory not ours.

Cook Island members including a short term mission team from Sydney will carry out Cleanup Campaign on 30th of July 2017 from 11am till 2pm at Nikao Beach.

            - Norma Williams

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