Impossible to fathom Pitt attacks

Monday July 17, 2017 Published in Letters to the Editor

George Pitt’s latest attack on James Beer and the Democratic Party in the Cook Islands Herald (12 July 2017) has motivated me to write to you.


It was June 16, when I first heard George Pitt and Tony Hakaoro making personal attacks on Beer and making up blatant lies about him and the Democratic Party. I am James’ aunty and I am a true supporter of both him and the Democratic Party. My brother Rigot is James’ chairman in Murienua.

George has become predictable and easy to read. He sounds like a badly scratched record. I am convinced that his ulterior motive is to destroy James, the Democratic Party and, if you don’t mind me saying so, CI News.

“I have heard him on radio refer to CI News as the “fake news”. My assessment of Pitt is that he does not tell the truth, is inconsiderate, disrespectful, judgmental, and even dangerous. There are other words I would also have liked to use.

After listening to the Kave Korero radio programme the other day and reading the CI Herald article, I was furious with the story, headlined “Beer’s appointment disappoints rank and file Demos.” Pitt ran down the Demos, in particular my nephew James. James is in fact a good man. He’s unselfish, intelligent, energetic, and passionate but he does speak his mind. James told me that he gets along with his fellow Demo MPs and that the team is strong.

I cannot fathom why, but for some reason Pitt is hell bent on ridiculing James. Is it because James is connected to the Rangi Nui Mataiapo Title of Aitutaki? Is it because Pitt can’t control or manipulate James?

Is it because James can’t be bribed? Is it because Pitt is jealous of James or is it because he is envious of James? It’s clear from my observations that James is “someone” and George is not. Have you ever noticed that Pitt never writes or says anything negative about certain MP’s? I will leave readers to figure out the obvious.

In regards to the deputy leader of the Opposition position, why should Smiley appoint Selina Napa as his deputy if she didn’t support him as leader? Come on get real. James is supported in Caucus and the majority of the Demo supporters also support James because he is the best person to be deputy leader. He has more support than Pitt could ever muster.

In relation to the grant given by Government to CICC published on the front page of CINews on July 10, James made valid comments. It was not about the CICC but he said, but that “in a properly- functioning democracy, people should have access to education, health, and justice. These should be priorities”.

I fully agree with James. How can a church hall be a priority when there are a number of government agencies who desperately need funding? For example, our Police department, Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Culture all operate on the smell of an oily rag.

I congratulate James for pointing this out. Good on you, boy.

As for Pitt, I just wish he would stop making up stories and in particular, making up stories about James and the Demos.

            Maki Ryan

            Campaign Manager

            Demo Vaitau, Aitutaki

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