Call for reform should be answered

Tuesday July 11, 2017 Published in Letters to the Editor

I see that Jim Maurai, a former prime minister and the current MP for Mangaia, is calling it quits and as CI News noted, the current prime minister, Henry Puna, noted in parliament last week that it could be time to revisit Marurai’s 2010 call for political reform.


Will they (the political masters) be brave and make a move that would really serve the country? We only need 16 or 17 of them (ouch! lots of feathers to be plucked out of some very fat chickens).

Will they give up their perks and salaries and return the money to the people to buy more services (health, education etc), or to build essential infrastructure that is required in the Cook Islands?

There have been many suggestions in the past about reducing the number of MPs. It is time to kick it into action with no more delays or detours.

Otherwise we will keep losing our young and talented people.

Just look at the lack of people living in the outer islands. It is a shame because it leads to loss of culture etc.

I believe it is time for our Cook Islands politicians to make the right decision. Be brave, be strong, look to our grandchildren, parents, our people. 

            Kevin Barr



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