Thanks for the great time, but...

Monday July 10, 2017 Published in Letters to the Editor

I have just returned from a most wonderful and relaxing holiday in Rarotonga.


We had so many positive experiences and times but there are two things I would ike to raise in your paper.

One is a “shop” sign near the airport runway. It is a bit alarming when you drive that road because the sign is shaped and coloured the same as a genuine “stop” sign.

The second matter relates to a man collecting money from everybody who wanted to go up the road to see the waterfall or look at the old half-finished Sheraton complex. He was very aggressive and told us he was collecting $5.00 a carload or $2.00 a person to go up the road. He said he was collecting the money on behalf of “the queen”.

Other than this, thank you Rarotonga for a great time.

            Regards Debbie Gregory



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