It’s not over yet for the Sea Eagles club

Thursday May 18, 2017 Published in Letters to the Editor
Lawyer Norman George. 17051720 Lawyer Norman George. 17051720

I write to correct the outrageous claim in Saturday’s CI News on May 13 by your reporter Rashneel Kumar that the Sea Eagles club have lost their review bid.


This is far from the truth. Nothing was quashed or dismissed in the High Court.

There were two applications. One was an application for interim injunction heard in a telephone conference call with Justice Potter on April 10 this year.

That application was adjourned as counsel for the Cook Islands Rugby League Association (CIRLA) undertook to get his client to place all points deductions and fines on hold.

When the matter of the main application for review was called on Thursday May 4, I made an application to withdraw the injunction application, as the undertaking by CIRLA to put everything on hold was agreed to and was pointless to continue with an unnecessary injunction application.

The matter of the review application was adjourned to Friday, May 12 when CIRLA was asked to drop the points deductions and fines in the good name of rugby league.

Unfortunately, the mob mentality prevailed and the CIRLA executive stuck to their refusal.

The matter was then adjourned subject to us refiling a second statement of claim on points clarified by Justice Potter, which is standard procedure.

Subject to further instructions from my client, I am preparing to continue with the application in order to meet the July or September session of the High Court.

As the points deductions have completely ruined the chances of the Sea Eagles competing in the knockout finals. The only options left are to get a judgement confirming that CIRLA was wrong in the way they decided on this particular issue, for their decision to be declared null and void and for my client to be paid substantial damages.

Sadly the players and supporters of the Ngatangiia Matavera Sea Eagles are forced to suffer severe injustice.

Remember, nothing is over until Lady Justice sings the last waltz!

            Norman George

            Counsel for the Sea Eagles

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