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Wednesday April 19, 2017 Published in Letters to the Editor
RAPPA MP Albert Nicholas should run as an independent MP, a letter-writer says. 17041840 RAPPA MP Albert Nicholas should run as an independent MP, a letter-writer says. 17041840

During his radio talk on Friday April 7, prime minister Henry Puna, together with Poko Keu, spokesperson for the RAPPA constituency announced that MP Albert Nicholas, after all the controversy over his present political position, had decided to do the right thing and put the hat on the table to be contested by all parties, including himself as a CIP candidate.


I believe he cannot do that. Total amnesty is to relinquish all ties to a previously-held position or activity. In other words, Nicholas cannot re-contest the same position under the same banner. But the reality is he was not a CIP. We all know the story of how he got to where he is today.

The right thing for Albert to do is to take a neutral stand and run as an independent member, cutting all ties with CIP in RAPPA who did not vote for him in the first place.

This will allow grassroots CIP supporters there to bring back their chosen member and work again towards re-instating him as their Member of Parliament, not one landed in their midst from another vaka.

Poko Keu and his cronies, all ex-Demo hangers-on, make loud noises about Albert’s outstanding work for the tapere, with no mention of the greater works the former MP for RAPPA did for the tapere.

These turncoats see former MP John Henry a threat at the next election. Rumour is rife that plans are a foot to promote John to a government position overseas to get him out of the way. A position in Wellington was also bandied around.

Rumours aside, RAPPA’s upcoming by-election should be contested by four parties:

Independent – Albert Nicholas

CIP – John Henry

Democratic – Teina Rongo

One Cook Islands – To be announced by leader George Maggie

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