What is party policy on petitions?

Saturday June 28, 2014 Published in Letters to the Editor
What is party policy on petitions?

Dear Editor, To our government leaders and potential leaders, I have one vote for the party who can outline briefly their planned procedures to handle petitions.

Both major parties have had enough experience by now on this to surely have formulated a policy and procedure. If not, then I trust you at least have some bullet points penned.

E.g. Upon a petition being received in verbally or in writing, face to face, by email, or some other means:

  • Within what timeframe will acknowledgement of receipt be given and what form will that acknowledgement take?
  • What will the stages/levels of consultation be? (Assuming that some matters may be able to be dealt with by just a particular govt dept, whereas some may require extensive consultation and discussion)
  • Within what time frame will a response be given?
  • What form will that response take?

Mauke has still not received any formal response to their written petition (which holds over 90% of the voting public’s signatures) against purse seining. When people are prepared to put their names on the line one would expect the receiver to show some respect. I believe Grey Power have been more successful to at least elicit a response because they are on Rarotonga and in the politicians’ faces.

Does this mean that seven of the eight inhabited islands of the Cook Islands can expect nothing more than a passing glance?

If a child were to petition me, be it a negative or positive answer, I would do them the courtesy of responding.

Are there any leaders of integrity willing to make themselves accountable to those they serve?

June Hosking,


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