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Monday May 05, 2014 Published in Letters to the Editor
Prime Minister Henry Puna. 14011042 Prime Minister Henry Puna. 14011042

Dear Editor, I am both dismayed and staggered by the nerve of Financial Secretary Richard Neves for continuing to place the elderly on MFEM's hitlist.

This is being done despite knowing full well that both the current caretaker government and the opposition are intending to change the law so as to allow seniors on the NZ government-paid superannuation to be exempt.

Surely the Prime Minister, through the Minister for Finance, can get that cowboy Neves and his posse of money-greedy tax collectors to back off from hounding the old of this country for a fistful of dollars?

Shame of them for their actions against the elderly of this country who have suffered tremendously with the recent tax reforms introduced by this CIP government.

But if the finger of blame has to be pointed to anyone for the required amendment bill failing to be passed by Parliament, it is this country's leader Henry Puna. Had Puna remained at home more often to provide the leadership desperately needed by his government rather than fly off to attend numerous, waste-of-time talkfests around the far corners of the world, the required amendment bill would have been passed by Parliament ages ago. 

As leader of the CIP-led government, Henry Puna has failed big time to fix what has been the biggest thorn in this government's side. For this my vote, and I guess the votes of many others, will not be in favour of the CIP candidates this coming elections.

Disillusioned voter

(Name and address supplied)

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  • Comment Link Keith Koekoe Wednesday, 07 May 2014 06:04 posted by Keith Koekoe

    Government, is the most temporary career there is and I sense that the cowboy Neves days are numbered. He is on the next plane out of the Cooks. Mr Puna will be at the airport to farewell him in a pair of thongs (he's out of office!) and probably mutter "well, every dog has its day".

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