Charge for rubbish collection a bad idea

Monday May 05, 2014 Published in Letters to the Editor
Charge for rubbish collection a bad idea 12083012

Dear Editor, One of the comments we often get from tourists is how clean our beautiful island is.

We all try and do our bit to keep our own and public areas clean and tidy.

We have a small shop in town and have just had a visit from a lovely young lady with a bill for us for rubbish collection.

There are two points I would like to raise. First, how can we be charged without being notified beforehand?

Second, surely Government can see the problem we are going to have.

When it costs money to have your rubbish collected folk are going to be more reluctant to use the service.

I personally walk around our car park and roadside and pick up the rubbish.

Other businesses in our area use our bin, as do the tourists who walk past, and we are very happy to oblige.

I believe that schools are now also being asked to pay for their rubbish collection.

The end result is going to be more rubbish on our streets and an untidy paradise for our locals and tourists.

It’s really just another tax being snuck in under our noses.

Come on Government, for once use a bit of common sense and stop this silliness.

Together for a cleaner Cook Islands

(Name and address supplied)

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