‘One Cook Islands could hold balance of power’

Monday May 05, 2014 Published in Letters to the Editor
Action Man George Maggie and Teina Bishop are seen as heroes by many. 14041623 Action Man George Maggie and Teina Bishop are seen as heroes by many. 14041623

Dear Editor, The CIP will not agree but the rapid political developments in recent times largely triggered by MPs Teina Bishop and George Maggie having the guts to stand up and oppose unpopular policies.

These policies were implemented by the current administration and which subsequently led to the CIP calling for snap elections and the expulsion of both politicians from the CIP, is a breath of fresh air for Cook Islands politics as we know it.

Despite both politicians having decided to step outside the traditional two-party system and run under a new political banner, One Cook Islands, given that Action Man Maggie and Walk the Talk Bishop are seen as heroes by many and therefore continue to be hugely popular within their respective constituencies, it is expected that both politicians will continue to win the support of voters and hold on to their parliamentary seats in the upcoming general elections come 9 July. 

One Cook Islands could therefore hold the balance of power come election day, guaranteeing that the voice of the people will always be heard in parliament, and ensuring that the long term interests of the country and its people will be top priority for the new government.

Anyway, as a former staunch CIP party supporter, it really saddens me to see how the CIP has treated both Bishop and Maggie. 

All both were trying to do was stand up for the less fortunate of this country. 

The tangata pakari and rikiriki. 

Those in the community who are most vulnerable to sweeping yet painful financial reforms that this government decided to implement in order to meet the ever-ballooning national budget. 

At the same time, it appears that the CIP has forgotten the fact that it was Bishop and Maggie's steadfast loyalty to the CIP which allowed Henry Puna to form a new government after the last general elections held almost four years ago.   Walk the Talk Bishop and Action Man Maggie are heroes in the eyes of many in this country.  So shame on the CIP and its caucus for the manner in which both honourable politicians have been treated in recent weeks.


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