Attacks on PM ‘out of hand’

Thursday May 01, 2014 Published in Letters to the Editor
Prime Minister Henry Puna. 13080915 Prime Minister Henry Puna. 13080915

We’ve had almost four years of CIP rule and the criticism through the media attacking the CIP and especially the Prime Minister has gotten out of hand.

The PM has been accused of too much travel and wasting money, fathering illegitimate children with young girls, being indecisive, being an Elvis look-alike, and the list goes on.

People forget that a lot of the travel is funded, and because the PM was Forum Chair and has pushed for renewable energy he is often invited to speak or participate in discussions. When you read the criticism against the PM, it’s all below-the-belt stuff (literally) in an effort not only to discredit the PM but also the CIP Government. In other words, it’s gutter level politics, Demo style.

Demos Bark but No Bite

Wilkie and the Demos have been on attack mode criticising anything that the CIP and/or the PM are involved in and it’s getting personal. George Pitt has jumped on the band wagon and is also having a go at the PM and it’s getting nasty. Wilkie keeps criticising the CIP Government for any deal, arrangement, project, trip or decision it makes but offers no solution or ideas to address issues and conveniently forgets that the Demos are the cause of most of these issues.

The attacks are personal and insensitive rather than political and sensible and it shows how ineffective the Demo Opposition has become under Wilkie’s leadership. The Demos had up to two terms to get things done but they’ve done nothing but create more problems.

Demo Leadership Issues

It is interesting to note that the Demos have a worrying scenario with Norman George waiting in the wings. Between Wilkie and Norman, you have a better and more solid leader in Norman. His comments and criticisms towards Government have been noteworthy and some of it makes sense while some are typical of Norm. He is a true blue Demo man and has always had leadership ambitions since he got involved in politics. If you compare Norm’s comments and experience to Wilkie’s, Norm should be the Demo leader, if not now then certainly after the elections.

Both Wilkie and Norm could also be in trouble in their own electorate. Taoro Strickland for the CIP in Atiu is said to be gaining momentum and if Willie John stands for the CIP in Penrhyn, Wilkie could be in trouble. The Demo Leadership issue isn’t going away anytime soon either, so if you are a voter, you need to think about the power of your vote and the potential consequences. A change in Government won’t fix this issue; it will only make it worse.

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