Telecom bill payment 'frustrating'

Tuesday April 29, 2014 Published in Letters to the Editor
Telecom bill payment 'frustrating' 14040220

Dear Editor, Trying to pay your bill at Telecom is an exercise in frustration.

Seemingly, the young cashier on the counter not only collects money; she has to double as receptionist, making bill-paying for the customer a longer, more boring experience.

The cashier answers the phone and fields questions, which makes it harder for her to concentrate on her other job - focussing on the customer in front of her.

Not all of us are public servants with time to waste.

With all the money made by the only phone company in town, you would think Telecom could afford to pay to hire someone else to answer the phone fulltime.

Why can't Telecom take a leaf out of TAU's (Te Aponga Uira) book - you are in and out in 10 mins (not 30 -40 mins, which is what it takes the average customer in a queue at Telecom these days).

Thanks TAU - that is what I call customer service!

Coconut Wireless

(Name and address supplied)

Telecom’s response:

"Thank you for the opportunity to comment on this letter.

Without knowing the time, date and place the customer had this experience we cannot provide any explanation, sorry.

A good way for customers to avoid queues is to use our online payment options through internet banking or automatic payments from their bank account.

Our staff at Customer Care in Parekura will assist customers wishing to take up this option.

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