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Monday April 28, 2014 Published in Letters to the Editor
The 2014 election will be held on July 9. 13091920 The 2014 election will be held on July 9. 13091920

Dear Editor, As we prepare to head back to the polls to decide who our Government should be for the next four years, it’s important for us to see what issues we’ve had leading up to now.

Let me focus on some key issues that people need to be made aware of.

Dissolution of Parliament

Back in 2006, the Demos dissolved Parliament when Kiriau Turepu won the by-election in Matavera which would have given the CIP a majority. Fred Goodwin, QR at the time, mulled  it over the weekend and dissolved Parliament before it commenced on the Monday to swear Kiriau in. CIP was robbed of the chance to be Government and didn’t get over it and eventually lost the elections. We’ve also had our Constitution toyed around while a Government of only six Demo Ministers ran the country up until the elections in 2010. When the PM dissolved Parliament, the Demos called him “selfish but had forgotten that the precedent has already been set by them in 2006 and 2009.

Toagate/Withholding Tax/Air NZ Underwrite

During the Demo Government rule from 2006 to 2010, we had the failed Toa deal that has cost this country money which resulted in the CIP introducing the 15 per cent Withholding Tax to meet Government’s obligation with Toa. We’ve also had the Air NZ underwrite introduced during Wilkie and the Demos time and CIP had very little time and choice when it signed the agreement in 2010, a few weeks after winning the election. Then recently, Wilkie decided to politicise the underwrite deal and called it “illegal and reckless” when the CIP Government committed to underwrite until 2018.

Back Tax/VAT Increase

A treaty signed in 2009 between the Demo Government and the NZ Government allowed taxes for NZ pensioners to be collected here instead of being in NZ. The Demo Government didn’t do anything about the collecting the tax until Richard Neves spotted a few non-paying pensioners and decided to activate the tax laws and powers and withdrew money from bank accounts. Government has since prepared a bill to wipe the back tax and reimburse the withdrawn money. The VAT increase to 15% was another issue that was mentioned way back around 2007 - 2008 when the Demos were Government and Finsec Ivaiti was in charge at MFEM but it was quickly shut down by DPM Maoate and Cabinet.

Water Project

We’ve talked about water for many years and have had numerous studies and plans drawn up but Government has never been bold enough to take action. Finally, Teariki Heather as Minister is putting his name and reputation on the line to move things forward. The CIP Government has a plan and support from New Zealand and China is in place while water tanks are distributed as promised. The critics had gone into overdrive and Heather gets criticised for conflict of interest. The project is perceived to be too costly and petitioners want alternatives to be looked at. The Demos have jumped on the petition bandwagon and have made it a political issue but have not done anything while in Government for up to 10 years.

You can see the difference between the Demos and CIP just be comparing the issues and what was done. There are more things that can be used as a comparison but these issues have dominated the media in the last three to four years hence the reason for it being chosen. Now it is up to the voters to choose. Do you want a Government that makes the hard decisions or a Government that hardly makes decisions?

Voter by Choice

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  • Comment Link tamoko1@hotmail.com Thursday, 01 May 2014 20:55 posted by tamoko1@hotmail.com

    Editor, take note, the NZ government left the taking away of tax to the government of the Cook Islands to deal with so, the Cook Islands party government did the right thing by demanding tax from these pensioners. The law stands, if you earn more than $10k per year, you will be taxed. That is law so come on you pensioners, you are using cheap health care, dentist care, road use the list goes on, made possible for you by those who worked here in the cooks for a mere $4.00 an hour. Who can live on such when you earned $10 -$25 an hour in your days. Be fair people. Be fair and stop accusing government of being fair.
    You call yourselves Christian nation? Far from it. Your all hypocrites absolutely. The government is trying to do what is fair and your trying to rubbish democracy and fairness. The CIP government did all it can to right all the wrong done by the demo government and they get accused of it. I hear Wilkie the leader of the opposition so accuse government yet, offer no remedy in place. I once was supportive of him, now he is full of hard criticism with no constructive ideas in place and I no longer am interested to hear his useless ranting. How lowly to use private matter to attack the prime minister who minds his own business and hardly waste energy on minor issues as the opposition leader do. Good on ya prime minister. Shows, who is worthy of our vote. Vote for the one who never respond to useless rantings, who takes more important issues relative to community and people interests etc.

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