Clear Bishop or charge him

Monday April 28, 2014 Published in Letters to the Editor
Teina Bishop chats to James Beer in Parliament earlier this year. 14033111 Teina Bishop chats to James Beer in Parliament earlier this year. 14033111

Dear Editor, You have reported the scurrilous manoeuvrings of the Government scrambling to hold power for their own benefit, not the country’s.

The solution to one CIP problem lies in shedding their leader, though that itself gives rise to more. As Bishop and George now hatch plots, what has happened to the investigation of serious bribery allegations against Bishop? Is delay once more a tactic of a government desperate to bring Bishop back into the CIP fold? What about our interests as voters – and taxpayers? The Government owes it to the people of the Cook Islands to either clear Bishop or charge him - before the July election.

The Cook Islands Audit Office has severely criticised Government’s use of taxpayer’s money. “Recurring” problems reported include what sounds like an annual recipe for bad and incompetent management; lack of accountability, conflicts of interest, misuse of funds and loss on the sale of public assets. Put with the leaked Public Service Commission assessments of department heads, it’s not hard to work out which heads should roll first. But in our system, those heads are “friends” of the CIP government and will probably stay exactly where they are, new cars and all.

I like to think that my avoiding vote buying in the Ngatangiia Democrat Party candidate selection process is a small step in the right direction. We really do need a return to “simple honest government”.

Mata-Atua McNair

Muri, Ngatangiia

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