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Friday April 25, 2014 Published in Letters to the Editor
Parliament of the Cook Islands. Parliament of the Cook Islands.

Dear Editor, CIP vs DEMO or CIP vs CIP and DEMO vs DEMO.. enough already!

I have a question for the people of the Cook Islands.... “Are we not tired and embarrassed about being part of a nation that cannot control themselves? Seriously, someone should give us an award for being the only Pacific Island country that often has their Government dissolved by their Queen’s Representative! It’s pathetic if you ask me!!!

But most of all... lately it has been embarrassing to even be called a Cook Islander. How can you expect the future generation to bring their talents and skills back to the country and take an invested interest in potentially moving us towards a better future, when today’s leaders continue to stuff things up and give us a bad name world-wide! And to make it worse, they have too much pride to step aside or step down to allow for more educated and talented individuals to take up office.

There is no growth in this country. There is no consistency in direction; there is no confidence in any decision current and past Governments have ever made for this nation. It saddens me that during election months there are so many promises that get made by nominees to get votes, but once they are successful, those promises become obsolete. It raises the question if they even remember that the Cook Islands is not just a mass of land, but rather a large group of human people and this is their lives they are playing with.

But here is an idea – How about doing away with the political self-glorified parties and join all forces to run our country like a business! Employ Cook Islanders that are actually qualified for positions and not because they have huge families and networks that can put a tick in a box, but actual qualified, experienced and knowledgeable people with no hidden agendas but rather have a passion to do a job. And for accountability, set up an International Advisory Board/Board of Directors that can advise and mentor every decision tabled to Government. By doing things this way, we can get the best from every corner of the nation and encourage accountability and transparency. We are always restricted from having the very best people for the job because we are limited to individuals within the winning party.

As a 30 year old Cook Island citizen, I desperately plead to the people of the Cook Islands, Please for the sake of our nation, it is time for us all to drop the “popularity” game and play the “realistic” game. We need to seriously think about whom we are voting for and why! It can no longer be about voting to support uncle or aunty or because that’s the “party” my family has always voted for, but rather vote based on what they can bring to the table.

So, come on Cook Islanders, rise up from the shadows and the ashes that have been burnt many years ago and let’s be honest with ourselves and admit that it is time for “change”. No one is saying it’s going to be easy, but there is no reason why we cannot start now. We call ourselves a Christian nation, and yet we all know that if we really had God in our Government and in our lives we wouldn’t be in the position we are in today.

Changing Cook Islander

(Name and address supplied)

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