Time for public stonings?

Tuesday April 22, 2014 Published in Letters to the Editor
Time for public stonings?

Dear Editor, The Reverend Iana Aitau's two-part series warning us to be aware of false doctrines and false prophets is fine as far as it goes.

The good Reverend says these false people are to be rebuked, and marked, and we are to have no fellowship with them, we are to withdraw from them, turn away from them, not to receive them into our homes, we are to reject them and we are to separate from them.

Well that's just not good enough. Let’s round them up and have some good old biblical stonings and burnings at the stake.

Why not make it a weekly event, advertise it to our tourists. Promote it as “Retribution in Paradise”.

The world needs to know that we are serious about our Christianity. After all, Jesus taught us intolerance and rejection of our fellow man, let’s show we can follow in his footsteps.

The 13th Disciple

(Name and address supplied)

Editor’s note: Both sides of this discussion have had a chance to have their say. People are entitled to their beliefs and, as views are strongly and sincerely held, there is no point in continuing the discussion through the paper. Accordingly, all correspondence on this subject is now closed.

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