Are political events divine intervention?

Tuesday April 22, 2014 Published in Letters to the Editor
Prime Minister Henry Puna. 14040213 Prime Minister Henry Puna. 14040213

Dear Editor, I am one of 65 participants that follow a conversation on this petition by 1946 people on the Te Mato Vai project and have contributed to the conversation four times.

I had suggested that the petition was a political instrument and was assured by the petitioners it wasn’t, saying they sought guidance from the highest authority, God Almighty.

I listened to Parliament on its last day and heard the petition being read out by the Clerk of Parliament. It was good listening and deserving the embrace of God Almighty until petitioners singled out the DPM and accused him of conflicting interests, going so far as to speculate the outcome of a tendering process yet to occur, which is false speculation and a lie until the tendering process actually occurs and prove otherwise.

Needless to say I was correct, that the petition was a political instrument aimed at gutting the DPM and leaving him to bleed on the floor of Parliament, which, I for one, don’t believe is something God Almighty would embrace. I say political instrument because I don’t believe the Opposition members who introduced the petition to Parliament signed the petition themselves as, after all the TMV project was a Democratic Party initiative they can’t be seen to backflip on, leaving us with political assassination as the only explanation for the petition being tabled in Parliament.

It goes without saying Editor that I feel for the DPM, as no one deserves to be treated the way he was on that last day of Parliament. And if that was me, I would place the petition in the hands of the High Court and sue for damage.

I also heard the PM placing all in the hands of God Almighty in his closing remarks that day, and reinforcing his faith in God Almighty when someone interrupted him.

It occurred to me the PM knew what everyone else knew was coming the next day, a vote of no confidence in him to pave the way for a coalition government with two of his colleagues expected to cross the floor to affect change. What, of course, happened next and now etched in our political history was the PM blind-sided the plotters and called for the upcoming general election to be brought forward, reducing them to stunned mullets and looking silly, leaving me wondering whether divine intervention has occurred?

Before these bizarre political events of the last days of Parliament I had the Democratic Party winning the next election, but now I don’t think so. I think when God fearing Cook Islanders grasp the political intent of this petition in the name of their God Almighty and political manoeuvrings that occurred there will repercussions. If anything I now expect the CIP government to increase its seats.

Anyway our political future is now in the hands of God Almighty, where the PM has put it!

Tim Tepaki

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