What impact will fluoride have?

Friday April 18, 2014 Published in Letters to the Editor
What impact will fluoride have?

Dear Editor, I am hoping people look up the fluoride information links Steve Lyons gave in his letter to editor April 8th.

To add to this I have to ask, has anyone considered the environmental impact of water fluoridation? Humans have and are impacting our lagoons so much already; do we really want to add yet another foreign substance to our waterways? Are you sure it won't damage ecosystems or food webs?

If you are honestly concerned about tooth decay then put a massive tax on lollies to start with, especially those ones on sticks that people walk around sucking on, literally giving their own teeth no respite from attack.

In fact, if you have money for fluoridating – join with the Health Department oral education efforts. Educate from conception on. Diet and lifestyle are going to affect baby's teeth right from the beginning of their existence, from just a couple of months on when their tooth buds are forming. Once they're born that education continues.

Another serious point of consideration - young children with a high sugar diet are more likely to develop diabetes later in life.

People may think me crazy, but my own children never had a lolly until they were of school age. Now they’re adults without a great desire for sweets and with great teeth.

Of course there is more to it than that, I’m just saying prevention via changed thinking/habits/culture is where I believe you should be putting the effort, not treating people like sheep and dosing everyone without consent.

There was a time when people thought asbestos was great, now we're suffering. Plastic baby bottles turned out to be cancer causing so a change to plastic composition was made.

Now I'm finding my old amalgam fillings, made from a composite which includes mercury, may be causing me health issues. I have no idea if the composition of modern amalgam fillings has changed.

We go through life expecting those in leadership to be looking out for us, but then decades later we hear, “oops” and if lucky, “sorry”.

For your own sake become better informed and for the sake of our future, speak up please.

June Hosking

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  • Comment Link Rick Sunday, 27 April 2014 17:02 posted by Rick

    (We go through life expecting those in leadership to be looking out for us, but then decades later we hear, “oops” and if lucky, “sorry”.) This happens more frequently than I think anyone has either the time nor the courage to do a study on, I believe that if a study was done it would blow minds and I thank June, she has true leadership qualities. Most of this planet refuse fluoride for a very good reason, along with the mounting rejection of GMO seeds etc. is also for very good reason. To understand the true evil behind these issues and more (geo-engineering) would make the average person collapse in disbelief. So you go for it June Hosking and all that are awake and have the time to get knowledged on these issues, time is running out to reverse the spell that is being self prophesised by the globalist banksters and the good people of the world (most) need all the help they can get!!


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