Ruth Tangiiau Mavé: Some of us are ‘losing the plot’

Ruth Tangiiau Mavé: Some of us are  ‘losing the plot’

OPINION: The key to keeping a community docile is apply heat to the point of uncomfortable, but not unbearable.

Thomas Tarurongo Wynne: Our people have been through the wringer

OPINION: We are a people of adaptation and not a colony.

Justine Flanagan; Parliament is like our utu tree

Dear editor,

Outside Takitumu school stands a grand utu tree. For generations this tree has acted as signpost, shelter, gathering point, and climbing frame.

Teanaroa Worthington: Little more mana tiaki than Avatea

The debate over changing the name of our country will continue unabated until it is resolved.

Cecile Marten: Vaka is safe

Kia orana,

On behalf of the Cook Islands Voyaging Society I would like to express our disappointment at the Kata Cartoon on Saturday 20th June 2020, depicting the Prime Minister Henry Puna “abandoning ship”.

Letters to the Editor

Brett Porter: Tourism revenues

Smoke Signals

Smoke Signals