Editorial: The richness of our culture

Tuesday August 06, 2019 Written by Published in Opinion

The deputy prime minister Mark Brown aptly said, “each year Te Maeva Nui is impressive,” at the closing ceremony of the nations most celebrated event.


Brilliant, spectacular, joyous, powerful, moving … the list goes on; it’s not easy to find one word to describe the most admired of annual festivities.

However, I’ll go with Brown’s statement: impressive.

In an effort to explain how she felt about the shows each night, a friend said, “the items make me so proud, I just want to cry”. I had to agree.

I guess this is what Te Maeva Nui evokes in many of us, emotions.

Pure enjoyment and indulgence for the richness of our culture that we have continued to illustrate and represent each year, with respectful competitiveness.

The friendly rivalry between the teams who persevere to deliver the finest performance in each category, ensures that on the night the very best is on stage for us to appreciate.

And so the fervour, flavour, vibrancy and talent of each heartfelt performance from the ute to the ura pa’u, has come to a close.

Meitaki maata to all the teams of: Aitutaki Enua, Atiu Enua, Vaka Puaikura, Vaka Takitumu, Pukapuka/Nassau, Mangaia Enua, Mitiaro, Tupapa Maraerenga and Oire Nikao, we look forward to Te Maeva Nui next year.

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