Editorial: Talbot raises both money and awareness

Wednesday June 19, 2019 Written by Published in Opinion
James Talbot at Cape Reinga. 19061716 James Talbot at Cape Reinga. 19061716

Many, many words have been written in this newspaper about James Talbot’s stoic traverse of New Zealand 3200km Te Araroa trail.


But not so many as the steps this softly-spoken man has taken from Bluff to Cape Reinga in support of the Creative Centre and its community work for the disabled.

Talbot reveals the long walk has changed him: it’s given him insight into himself; it’s given him insight into his community.

Few of us set aside the distractions of daily life, the ringing of the phone, the beeping of the instant messages, the flashing email alerts, to be alone with our thoughts. For Talbot, it’s given him an appreciation for God’s work. Others who take that time discover their own wisdom.

For the Cook Islands and the Creative Centre, it has disclosed the extent to which regular people are inspired to make a difference. There’s Talbot, of course.

But there’s also those hundreds of people who have contributed on the Creative Trail Feb 2019 Givealittle page.

Today, Talbot is welcomed home with a special lunch. More than a dozen business leaders are expected. He is on track to top $23,000 – and that will make a big difference to the ability  of the Creative Centre to to make a difference in people’s lives.                 

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