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Editorial: MPs do their job, however long it takes

Thursday June 06, 2019 Written by Published in Editorials

Business at Vili’s Golden Wok takeaways has been good this week. That’s because they’re next door to the Cook Islands News, where our staff have been working late into the night.

(I recommend the green Thai chicken curry).

On Tuesday we were covering the Budget; last night, the evening sitting of Parliament. Thanks team!

MPs have faced scepticism for their proposed 45 per cent pay hike, despite sitting barely 20 days last year. This year, they seem determined to make good, debating the second reading of the Appropriations Bill until nearly 10pm.

They will be back again this afternoon, when Opposition leader Tina Browne and her Demos team get their chance to set the agenda.

What is most laudable is the way our politicians have worked collegially to agree to do their job, however late, however long it takes. No petty politicking – just getting on with business.

Now, if the Golden Wok can just arrange evening deliveries to Parliament …

Jonathan Milne

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