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OPINION: Some tough businessmen have helped make Cook Islands the nation it is today.

During a kaikai in Mitiaro at the weekend of the latest tragedy, the MC announced a special pure akapumaana (prayer of comfort) would be held for the families who had just lost two young boys involved in a fatal accident on Rarotonga.

OPINION: Men make laws, to instantly solve issues, one they can put a lid on, wash their hands and walk away.  

OPINON: It will take courage for us all to see through the changes that are necessary to avoid more of our children dying on the roads.

I have three sons, still at primary school. They are smart, beautiful, (mostly) kind and gentle. Thinking of what they mean to me, as I write these words, is enough to bring a pricking to my eyes.

OPINION: It started around Christmas in a live seafood market in Wuhan, a sprawling Chinese city of 11 million people, yet one whose name was little-known to most of us in the western world – until now.

OPINION: One hundred and eighty years ago next Wednesday in Rarotonga, Thursday in Aotearoa – the Treaty of Waitangi was signed in the Bay of Islands.

“Think of yourself and others using the road.” The call for greater action around road safety comes from the employer of Amit Kumar, who died at the weekend.

OPINION: Some of those who leave the greatest impact on their nation are those without the greatest formal credentials.

OPINION: Those who steal out of need will crumple with remorse, but those who do it from need will just play the system.

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