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OPINION: Imagine eating honey made from our beautiful and sweet tropical flowers, hibiscus, tipani and tiare maori.

OPINION: Don’t even think of thanking the quarantined mamas and papas for their sacrifice.

More sage advice to entertain and inspire our kopu tangata quarantined at the Edgewater Resort.

OPINION: Why are we targeting distant continental markets, when we could be inviting our New Zealand Māori cousins over to appreciate our cultural tourism?

Shaking our tourism tree

Saturday May 16, 2020

OPINION: The ripe fruit of our culture will sustain our tourism.

OPINION: People in Cook Islands are generous community people. It did not take the coronavirus pandemic to demonstrate that, it is something we already knew.

OPINION: A light-hearted notice to the quarantined Golden Oldies komiti fighters – and especially to their husbands.

OPINION: Columnist Ruth Tangiiau Mavé commends the female Opposition MPs for taking a 15 per cent pay cut to help their constituencies during the Covid-19 crisis.

OPINION: Sitting down to the large Sal’s Pizza was a treat worth waiting for after five weeks of lockdown in Auckland. And as we sat at the table, preparing to give thanks, little hands reached across to the now steaming hot cheesy pizza ...

This morning, about 130 returning Cook Islanders will awake in their home country, for the first time in weeks and sometimes months.

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