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OPINION: The new Immigration Bill defines who is a Cook Islander, and who is not.

OPINION: We will save lives by being role models to our young people and all wearing helmets.

OPINION: I turned up to Constitution Park on Friday at 11.29am. There was only the police sergeant waiting in a white truck.

OPINION: Like me, you might not like the new helmet law, but our MPs have done what we elected them to do. They have made the decision they believe is in the best interests in the country. So from June 26, wear a helmet – or don’t ride a motorbike.

The Cook Islands Government should be commended for its proactive approach of putting large-scale support measures in place.

OPINION: From a humanitarian point of view, continued government support for people’s lives and livelihoods is very important in times like this. Right now, none of us know whether this second phase of assistance will be enough, because of the unpredictability of the situation we are in.

OPINION: I was thrilled to see the SMART Economy initiative announced as part of phase 2 of the Covid-19 economic response plan.

OPINION: I think it’s a good package but for a lot of growers, because they are small farmers, it has been difficult for them to go through the registration phase.

OPINION: We are very happy we can make a few of our University of the South Pacific courses available for free as part of the Fees Free initiative.  

OPINION: While we will fulfil our undertaking in Parliament and support the economic response package, phase 2, there are some issues we would like to raise such as the mention of grant funding for agriculture and equipment. What will be the source of that grant funding and where will the agriculture equipment come from?”

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