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OPINION: There has been much debate over whether it was wrong to identify the family at the centre of this Covid-cluster as a Pasifika family.

NZ OPINION: Epidemiologist Michael Baker says quarantine-free travel between Cook Islands and New Zealand will real and symbolic importance in moves to reconnect with the rest of the world.

OPINION: I have three brothers. As the older sister I was often left in charge when our parents went out.

OPINION: The lesson of the coronavirus is the danger of relying on just one revenue stream. Now we must decide whether our future is in seabed mining, online development, tourism, or all three.

Banking on travel bubble

Thursday August 06, 2020

Australian Opinion: The time may be right for the carefully managed return of travel between Cook Islands and New Zealand.

OPINION: Cook Islands Government argues undersea mining is an environmentally-friendly source of minerals for rechargeable batteries. Is this a good solution? 

OPINION: By not creating local business we’re beggars wanting a hand out.

OPINION: It is not often that I lend my voice to a more formal public forum than the kitchen table conversations I would have with family and friends.

OPINION: It is difficult to make a good clean decision using a murky process.

OPINION: The coronavirus tracking apps are now raising their head around the world and they can pose a threat to people’s privacy.

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