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EDITORIAL: Cook Islands has dug deep into its rainy day fund set aside for devastating cyclones. That money runs out by September, and then we turn to the overseas banks to bail us out.

OPINION: Consultation on the definition of a Cook Islanders has renewed debate about adopted children inheriting land.

OPINION: There is a great movement taking place worldwide. Though the present focus of this movement is on “Black Lives Matter” in the wake of police brutality of an African-American man, the ripple effect speaks to me of a great shift in` human consciousness which even we in the Cook Islands cannot ignore or be divorced from.

OPINION: Affluent Indian travellers and Bollywood producers will look to Cook Islands as the borders open.

OPINION: Who am I? I am the eldest daughter of a long line of eldest daughters on both sides of my family.

OPINION: Do you believe in human rights? Do you believe in God? And will you stand with black America? 

OPINION: Sue Fletcher-Vea led from the front in the fight for our environment.

OPINION: The New Zealand Government’s approach is bizarre, in only being willing to consider incorporating Cook Islands in the travel bubble once Australia has joined, and now announcing that Japan and even Tasmania will take precedence over the Cook Islands.

OPINION: Pacific nations have largely avoided the worst health effects of Covid-19, but its economic impact has been devastating. With the tourism tap turned off, unemployment has soared while GDP has plummeted.

OPINION: Racism, like Covid-19, is a pandemic we have to be careful not to let it spread. 

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