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OPINION: Nations are shaped by the lives of those who have had the privilege of pounding the anvil of democracy, of power and of service with their personality and influence.

OPINION: Organic and sustainable farming systems are major components of growing and developing the agriculture industry, writes Temarama Anguna-Kamana.

About a year ago, I had the privilege of visiting Newseum – an interactive news and media museum that promotes free expression – near Capitol in Washington DC.

OPINION: It’s good to see that we now have Numangatini Ariki living in Mangaia after so many years without an ariki.

Speak with grace, listen with humility

Tuesday September 01, 2020

EDITORIAL: Early in my time editing this newspaper, there was a firebrand letter-writer named Ruta Tangiiau Mavé who made it very clear she was no fan of some of my decisions, especially the expectation that correspondents use their real names.

OPINION: Our priority must be for supporting locals who deserve it more, not holiday workers.

OPINION: Ariki take their seats by right, but politics is different. Politicians must not convince themselves they are there by entitlement.

OPINION: Cook Islands needs a smaller, less adversarial political system – not one that encourages special treatment for family and political supporters.

WEATHER: The travel bubble between New Zealand and Cook Islands hasn’t happened yet – so Mother Nature has stepped in to help, bringing balmy Cook Islands weather to New Zealand.

OPINION: We should have planned for the future. Is it now too late?

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