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OPINION: From eating kangaroos to eating cookies, Google offers 59 million diet solutions – but none is the real answer to our obesity problem.

OPINION: I have seen wellbeing in Cook Islands.

OPINION: Decrease the blood alcohol limit to zero. People can still have a good time. It's just that you can't drive afterwards.

OPINION: Flimsy helmets for sale locally would offer very little protection when falling off a motorbike travelling at speed.

EDITORIAL: So how close is the COVID-19 coronavirus? With the news of infected sufferers in the Pacific, in Hawai’i and the Philippines, it feels nearer than ever.

 OPINION: Children are special, unique and deserve respect. These aspects should rate higher in importance than their hairstyle, writes Ruth Mave. 

OPINION: If ever there was a time for the government to make the right decision regarding the helmet law then it is now.

I don’t often get down to New Zealand, and in the eight years or so we’ve been living here in Tupapa, seldom for more than a few days. But this last summer I went twice, once just after Christmas when we as a family spent time on the east coast of the north island; where my husband hails from, and where we have a family home.

Columnist Norman George pays a tribute to the police officers in the country.

Forgive us, as we forgive others

Saturday February 08, 2020

Mistakes of the past will always catch up with you.

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