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OPINION: Women can achieve as much as men – but we do it in high heels.

OPINION: From Beijing to Avarua, Lisa Williams reports from New York on how a global promise for gender action made 25 years ago has come full circle.

OPINION: Coronavirus reminds us that good leaders will make the right decision, not always the popular decision.

EDITORIAL: I pulled up, took off my motorbike helmet and stepped through the door of Tupapa health clinic’s admin block yesterday afternoon.

As Covid-19 continues to cause considerable concern globally, it is encouraging that New Zealand has provided some assistance to Cook Islands and other realm nations, writes Dr Colin Tukuitonga from the University of Auckland.


OPINION: Now is not the time for political point-scoring. The threat of coronavirus is the time to come together as a people, as a nation.

OPINION: As our hospital treats four sick passengers from the cruise liner MSC Magnifica, we pay tribute to the generations of brave doctors and nurses who have served our people.

Glass half empty or half full?

Monday March 02, 2020

OPINION: Coming up with other options for our economy is important.

OPINION: I know Rarotonga designer Mark Serito. He works long hours, tough hours, to support his partner and young son.

Thomas Wynne: Prosperity or profit?

Saturday February 29, 2020

OPINION: Sir Albert Henry’s call went out that no one in the tribe should be left behind, did that mean that everyone share in our prosperity? Or just a few politicians and business leaders? 

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