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PM Ardern: Open up, or front up

Tuesday July 07, 2020

New Zealand Cook Islands business leader Mike Pero says he has grave concerns for the Cook Islands with the borders closed, and offers some ‘cold hard facts’ on where he thinks the country is heading. 

OPINION: We are gullible to the clever marketing of the companies wanting us to not only buy their product but be loyal to the point of addiction.

OPINION: The media should be held to account, but not muzzled.

OPINION: New Zealand’s leaders agreed on just one thing: they don’t want to open the borders.

OPINION: It is vital Jacinda Ardern embraces the kindness she talks about, and throws Cook Islands a lifeline.

OPINION: The key to keeping a community docile is apply heat to the point of uncomfortable, but not unbearable.

OPINION: We are a people of adaptation and not a colony.

The debate over changing the name of our country will continue unabated until it is resolved.

OPINION: In its race to repair the perceived damage to Members' integrity and punish a Cook Islands News reporter, Parliament once again has shown that when it comes to procedure it is still something of a cowboy operation down there.

OPINION: The recent fiasco that allowed people to leave New Zealand quarantine without testing, risking spread of Covid-19, highlights how nebulous that government’s claim of total elimination always was.

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