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At the inter-school maths quiz a couple of weeks ago, most of the teachers from my sons’ school were there, whooping and hollering on the sidelines while the kids in the competition furrowed their brows, trying to concentrate.

I got the golf clubs out at the weekend.

When I opened the dusty green leather bag, I found some old score cards from courses in New Zealand and the UK, a pair of very dated wrap-around sunglasses, and a blue baseball cap that I think belonged to a friend I used to play goat-track golf with, back in the madcap days before kids and mortgages.

There has been an enormous reaction to the select committee’s recommendation that Parliament should reinstate homosexual acts in the Crimes Bill.

Sometimes, the law is an ass.

Parliament’s select committee has recommended MPs reinstate a criminal ban on “indecent acts” between men, and a ban on sodomy.

Editorial: Independent – of whom?

Saturday October 26, 2019

Business argues for a bigger say in who regulates a fledgling phone and internet freemarket. They demand assurance the new authority will be independent of government.

This evening, families are invited to a free concert at the National Auditorium to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the People’s Republic of China.

Is it just me? Or have you also waited over two hours at the Rarotonga Hospital to see a doctor?

Some of us like to think we’re indispensable in our jobs, in our roles in the community. But when we can’t make it into work … well, we discover that life goes on.

Honouring the sacrifice of these six Cook Islands men rights a century-old wrong.

Editorial: They shall not grow old

Thursday October 17, 2019

It was a slow start. First Australian visitor Cate Walker paying her respects to her mother at Nikao Cemetery.

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