Ruth Tangiiau Mavé: Some of us are ‘losing the plot’

Monday June 29, 2020 Written by Ruth Tangiiau Mavé Published in Editorials
Domestic violence remains a major concern in the region. 20062806 Domestic violence remains a major concern in the region. 20062806

OPINION: The key to keeping a community docile is apply heat to the point of uncomfortable, but not unbearable.

Recently I have taken to making popcorn in a pot, I call it Pot Corn. It occurred to me as I poured in the kernels how they all looked the same in size, colour and density. They lay side by side on the bottom of the pot covered in oil, as the flame ignited under them and the glass lid was added, they were all in the same ‘boat’ or pot.

The heat spread across the base evenly as they sat there simmering. Before the heat was more than a sensation, a kernel ‘popped’ randomly and without any rational reasoning alone amongst the staid and solid kernels, totally blown out of all proportion of what was a normal silent society of corn kernels.

As the heat increased other kernels “lost their heads” and popped out again in a random unconnected manner.  As the heat poured on and the kernels are in real “hot oil”, groups of three or four blow out of proportion, until it becomes the new fashion. The once solid community of golden yellow has amassed into a fluffy white bulbous movement that fights against the lid of the pot containing them. There are some diehards who remain stoically holding their own, in reverse a random selection can be heard muffled beneath the crowd as they slowly or reluctantly join in the call, if you can’t beat them then join them.

Not all rally to the march for freedom. Some are so locked in they resist or are too ingrained to change that they remain with all their potential locked inside of them, blackened on the outside, hardened and drier on the inside. They don’t join the others at the movie premiere of life, they are discarded to a dark and dusty place instead.

These are novel and challenging times. Life is streaming into our personal space 24/7 live, visceral and unedited creating pressure from uncertainty and a fear for our future. The heat is building and some of us are “losing the plot”.

Early in February, we had random Chicken Little’s crying “The sky is falling”, now as the world loses sight of the sky, we see masses of populations exploding into marches and disarray demanding different realities.

The key to keeping a community docile in a pot culture, is apply heat to the point of uncomfortable, but not unbearable. Never too hot to create change. Apply heat then “put a lid on it” will eventually create change whether you want it to or not. Change is inevitable, but not everyone copes well. Few explode publicly, domestic violence has increased worldwide during lockdown. Our alarming high rate of domestic violence is increasing, with new sufferers. Our small team of practitioners are overwhelmed. Others appear calm, their outer golden glow hides their inner turmoil hardening inside. We need to find these lost kernels in our community, because this heated pot of world change is pushing them to the edge. Change can be good, you can find your true inner self – just add the good oil and salt of life, then play the lead role in your own blockbuster movie.




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    That was really cool. I love it

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