Ruta Tangiiau Mavé: If you want to protest, protest teen suicide

Tuesday June 02, 2020 Written by Ruta Tangiiau Mavé Published in Editorials
Ruta Tangiiau Mavé: If you want to  protest, protest  teen suicide

OPINION: Making young people wear helmets won’t save lives.

Democracy is the power of the people to rule, where the wishes of the majority are represented by the Government. We live in a democracy so they say, but I think not.

The majority of the people’s wishes are not heard, the government do not listen to the majority, they rule for themselves for their own ends.

The majority of individuals did not vote Cook Islands Party.

I believe the majority did not want the Chinese to build our water system, because the some of the buildings they had previously built – Justice, Police, Stadium – had started falling apart within months of completion.

I believe the majority did not want to borrow $64 million from China and have them build a substandard system. Mark Brown insisted the Chinese work was fine, but the blowout cost is $100 million.

I believe the majority did not want purse seine fishing boats in our waters, and 4000 people signed a petition against them. But against the wishes of the people, Henry Puna signed up for a measly $8 million for eight years, for 16c/kg.

And we, on a good lockdown price straight from the fisherman, pay $14/kg. 

If Cook Islands Party listened to the majority, then after the Aitutaki referendum that cost thousands, when the majority voted no Sunday flights, they should have been listened to. Instead flights continued on Sundays.

If majority ruled here, we would not have the upcoming compulsory helmet law, because the majority of bike riders do not have accidents. The majority of bike riders do not break the law.

The small minority that are dying on our roads are breaking every law put there to protect them. What makes you think they will follow the new laws?

The majority of 16-25 year-old riders do not speed, drink and drive or have accidents. Making the majority wear a helmet will not prevent the few who drive themselves to death. 

The high death rate per capita statistics have not equally quoted the high bike riding community per capita. The majority of houses have and ride bikes here, in New Zealand it’s one in 50 homes. 

Here the majority of riders ride their bikes all day every day, clocking up millions of kilometres; in New Zealand only 1.87 per cent ride more than 100km every year.

The majority of our people ride on motorbikes, in all weather, with kids on the back, carrying grass cutters, listening to music and not having accidents, so why does the majority have to wear helmets?

The majority of accidents quoted occur at the weekends; the majority have either alcohol and or speed contributing. Putting a helmet on an 80-year-old mama going to church will not now, or ever, save those young lives.

The fact I can say an 80-year-old mama rides a motorbike and no one blinks an eye, says something for our culture and who we are. We all ride motorbikes and yes, we take a risk to do that, because the majority of the time we are safe and happy.

If you want to care and protect our people then protest and legislate in response to the teen suicide rate which is very high per capita. 

About a quarter of our 15-24 year olds have reported experiencing some form of forced sex in their lifetime. These are more important issues affecting our youth.

No helmet will save someone hell-bent on driving drunk at speed.

The majority follow the rules – the Government should follow the wishes of the majority. All the time.

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    Well said Ruta.

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